Cfa Formula Lvl 1 App: Android


Time is the most precious commodity during your CFA® exams. Use our app to help you save that valuable resource while learning and searching for the formulas you need.

When practicing problems it can be tedious to flip through a 20 page formula sheet to find the correct one. The app allows you to search for the formula you need quickly, so you can concentrate on improving your knowledge rather than leafing through formulas sheets.

The app includes more than 250 formulas from the CFA® 1 curriculum as well as 6 test quizzes to help you learn your formulas before the big day. Keep learning your formulas wherever you are with the formula app.

You can download the Android version of the app directly from the website.

Once you have paid for the Android Formula App you will be prompted to download an .apk file, which you will use on your Android device in order to open the app. Please make sure you follow the installation instructions on this website in order to be able to open the application on your Android device

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