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Clyde Thomas

Clyde has a B Comm in Economics with an Honours in Finance Analysis and Portfolio Management. He started his CFA® exams in 2008 and passed his final CFA® level III exam in 2011. He has been running CFA® I classes and webinars since 2012 in partnership with a financial management course training center in Johannesburg.



Your site has helped so much to steer me in the right direction as I start my CFA® studies. Thank you so much. I am loving the Essential Calculator Skills course. I love the quizzes at the end of each technique that help me check that I am understanding the work.

Lisa Chipembere, CFA® Level 1 Candidate

Thanks again for the Essential Calculator Skills course. It really helped me with my practice problems and I am now getting over 70 % for most of the practice tests I do. I found the breakdown of TVM problems especially helpful. I also really liked finding out how to use the data and stats functions.

Grace Sim, CFA® Level 1 Candidate
Thato Mufundu

Thank you so much! I loved the essential calculator skills course for the Texas calculators. It taught me so much more than I had learnt from youtube videos. It included answering techniques as well as calculator techniques. It has definitely helped me in my studies, and it was fun.

Thato Mufundu, CFA® Level 1 Candidate